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One Punch Man - 09 uWa 480p
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One Punch Man Episode 10 rilis tanggal 7 Desember 2015.

One Punch Man Episode 10 rilis tanggal 7 Desember 2015. Sinopsis One Punch Man: Aksi-komedi ini menceritakan semua tentang pria muda bernama Saitama dari ekspresinya yang tidak bersemangat, kepala botaknya, sampai bentuk tubuhnya yang biasa saja. Ikareru Ken ni Hono o Tsukeru – Opening One Punch Man di. Download lagu mp3 Ending One Punch Man – Hoshi yori Saki ni Mitsukete Ageru di. One Punch Man Episode . KV. 360p UC UPT TF KB SF. 480p UC UPT TF KB SF. 720p UC UPT TF KB SF. 1080p UC UPT TF KB SF. One Punch Man . P4.

One Punch Man S2 - 0. Category: Anime - English-translated. Date: 2019-06-11 17:37 UTC. Submitter: HorribleSubs.

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Ванпанчмен, One-Punch Man эпизод 8.

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Unyielding Justice " is the ninth episode of the One-Punch Man anime series. As Saitama is waiting for the Hero Association to decide whether they want him to help fight the Deep Sea King or not, Genos initiates battle, and seemingly defeats the monster with a massive attack. However, he lets his guard down and gets one of his arms ripped off. He tells the people to run while he distracts the monster, since victory is no longer assured.

[AnimeRG] One Punch Man - 09 (480p) [KoTuWa]
09. Unyielding Justice
Container : MKV
Video : AVC x264. [email protected] 852x480.
Audio : Japanese (AAC) LC, TrueVBR Q54 QAAC.
Subtitles : 4 Languages, English (KFX).
English, Español, Français, Português.
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AKA: ワンパンマン, One Punch-Man, One-Punch Man.
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Comedy, Action, Parody, Superhero, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Super Power, Supernatural, 480p, KoTuWa, AnimeRG, Manga, Anime
Source: Daisuki

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