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Language: Spanish
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Black Lagoon-Omake 720p Sub Latino Mkv GK
Omake [BD 720p]
  • Omake 01 [BD 720p] [4200E951].mkv (43.0 MB)
  • Omake 02 [BD 720p] [9E1FD506].mkv (61.1 MB)
  • Omake 03 [BD 720p] [9930B392].mkv (87.2 MB)
  • Omake 04 [BD 720p] [02451631].mkv (52.5 MB)
  • Omake 05 [BD 720p] [86119642].mkv (451.7 MB)
  • Omake 06 [BD 720p] [31A0BBE7].mkv (53.1 MB)
  • Omake 07 [BD 720p] [7B610C3E].mkv (62.2 MB)

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Black Lagoon Omake Special English Subbed - 15 February 2018. Black Lagoon Omake Special Episode 2 English Subbed. Video Errors & Solutions. Attention : About %80 of broken-missing video reports we recieve are invalid so that we believe the problems are caused by you, your computer or something else.

Other name: Black Lagoon Omake, ブラック・ラグーン オマケ. Episodes: 7. View: . 87. Roberta, the d that made her appearence in the first season of Black Lagoon, returns in this five-episode OVA series-and this time, all bets are off! Roberta's benefactor, the patriarch of the Lovelace clan, is murdered during a political rally.

Encode of Black Lagoon from japanese Blu-Ray. TV and Omakes are 720p. Black Lagoon Roberta Blood Trail - . kv (. GB). Omakes. it's been soooo long, i don't remember. Black Lagoon Omake . kv (3. MB). kv (4. kv (6. kv (719 MB). Season 1. Black Lagoon - 0. kv (437 MB).

BLACK LAGOON Introduction of Balalaika - Oversaturation Kill Box (BD 1280x720 x264-10bit QAAC-TVBR127) . BLACK LAGOON Introduction of Revy - Angels in the Crosshairs (BD 1280x720 x264-10bit QAAC-TVBR127). BLACK LAGOON Introduction of Roanapur - Codename Paradise, Status MIA (BD 1280x720 x264-10bit QAAC-TVBR127). BLACK LAGOON Introduction of Roberta - An Office Man's Tactics (BD 1280x720 x264-10bit QAAC-TVBR127).

The Black Lagoon Omakes as found on the blu-rays in 720p. Fully English subtitled using the translations of the manga. Black Lagoon Omake Ep5. org/?page view&tid 134407). Black Lagoon Omake Ep6. Black Lagoon Omake Ep7. GiB). MiB). MiB)

Genero: Acción, Seinen. Formato: MKV Resolución: 1280px720p – x264 Bits: HI10.

Genero: Acción, Seinen. Omake 01. Omake 02. Omake 03. Omake 04. Omake 05. Omake 06. Omake 07.

Black Lagoon-Omake [720p][Sub Latino][Mkv][GK]


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