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Vampire Knight - 01 avi Shoku-dan
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Vampire Knight (First Season) - Ep04 A new week, a new VK episode. Last time we already got to see some blood dripping. SUBS: By Your-Mom: By Shoku-dan:. Spoiler: 18 screenshots 1024 576 (thanks to RyuSensei).

VAMPIRE KNIGHT GUILTY 1 HAS JUST BEEN SUBBED! (might i add: they are horrible at fansubbing, but if ur desperate, watch it :) Torrent .

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Vampire Knight' & 'Vampire Knight Guilty' are (R) (TM) STUDIO DEEN and Matsuri Hino (C) 2,007 - 2,008 - All Rights Reserved. Shoku-Dan has no affiliation with Studio Deen, Matsuri Hino or related companies, products or publications. Shoku-Dan is a 100% Un-official Fansite. This production is, and remains property of STUDIO DEEN and Matsuri Hino. Vampire Knight remains the interlectual property of Matsuri Hino (C). All fan-subtitled episodes of 'Vampire Knight' and 'Vampire Knight Guilty', may be re-distributed until licenced

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Смотреть Vampire Knight 1 серия Онлайн.

Vampire Knight 0. Shoku-dan Vampire Knight - 03. Vampire Knight Guilty 01 S. mv.

Japanese with English subtitles.
New series of anime.
Plot : The story follows Yuki Cross, who acts as a "guardian" at the Cross Academy in order to protect the division between the students of the "Day Class" and the hidden vampires of the "Night Class."
Episode 1 : The story begins with a flashback that recalls Yuki's very first memories; an encounter with an insane vampire. She was saved by Kaname Kuran. Ten years later, Yuki attends the Cross Academy with her Vampire Hunter friend Zero. The academy is split into two classes; the Day class and the Night class, which consists entirely of vampires. Yuki and Zero act as Guardians for the school to keep the Night class's true identity a secret.


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