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Gatchaman Crowds - 01 a 12 Hayaisubs 720p AAC
[Hayaisubs] Gatchaman Crowds - 01 a 12 [720p AAC]
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Legendado em PT-BR por Hayaisubs. Gatchaman Crowds - 0. kv (30. MiB).

Legendado em PT-BR por Hayaisubs. kv (31. kv (24.

Original Name: GATCHAMAN Crowds Alternative Name: Crowds, ガッチャマン クラウズ Aired: Jul 13, 2013 to Sep 28, 2013 Episodes: 12 Categories: Action, Adventure, Ecchi, School Life, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Super Power Producer: Tatsunoko Productions, VAP. Group: Cthuko. The story is set in Japan in the early summer of 2015. 180,000 people live in Tachikawa City, the "second metropolis" of the Tokyo area. Among them are who fight in special reinforced suits powered by "NOTE," the manifestation of special spiritual powers in living beings.

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Hajime Ichinose's ordinary life is in for a change when a transcendent being named . Robinson hands her a small book called NOTE-a device which transforms her into one of the Gatchaman, the legendary protectors of Tachikawa City. Stressing that the existence of their group must remain a secret, fellow Gatchaman Sugane Tachibana takes Hajime to their base of operations, where Paiman, the panda-like alien leader of the Gatchaman, reveals their purpose: to eliminate aliens that pose a danger to humanity.

Details for this torrent. Gatchaman Crowds 2014-07-07 01:53:12 GMT. By. .Subtitles: Ep 1 - 12: Cthuko (Typeset: Cthuko, TL: CR) Ep 13: Bakasubs (Typeset Cthuko,Commie, TL: Bakasubs,CR). Get this torrent PLAY/STREAM TORRENT. Type: Video HD - TV shows. 2014-07-07 01:53:12 GMT. By: darkj6.

Watch online and download Gatchaman Crowds (Sub) anime in high quality. In recent years, the council has assigned Gatchaman warriors to deal with the mysterious entity known as "MESS. Various formats from 240p to 720p HD (or even 1080p).

Among them are who fight in special reinforced suits powered by "NOTE," the manifestation of special spiritual powers in living beings. 11/29/15 Gatchaman Crowds 01-12SD720p1080p. A council has scouted a group of individuals with latent powers to protect Earth from alien criminals. Batches usually contain the latest version of the subs, so grab these! 11/29/15 Gatchaman Crowds 01-12SD720p1080p. 480p: Magnet Torrent Uploaded. net FileUpload Uplod.

Anime Tosho Home Gatchaman Crowds Unsorted Files . N/A. Article (!) Gatchaman Crowds Vol 3 – 4 (BD). Gatchaman Crowds - Vo. 3 - Vo. 4. 38. MB. Gatchaman Crowds - 09 .mkv. AnonFiles DevHost Jheberg▼.

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