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Wolf's Rain complete
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_10_English_Dubbed_4d9dd524.mp4 (34.2 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_11_English_Dubbed_2b655024.mp4 (28.8 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_12_English_Dubbed_a2159973.mp4 (26.3 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_13_English_Dubbed_a2159973.mp4 (26.3 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_14_English_Dubbed_b5973d68.mp4 (27.8 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_15_English_Dubbed_d0464b69.mp4 (34.0 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_16_English_Dubbed_25f159ca.mp4 (33.4 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_17_English_Dubbed_25f159ca.mp4 (33.4 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_18_English_Dubbed_6935a657.mp4 (29.7 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_19_English_Dubbed_e1262ad0.mp4 (31.0 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_1_English_Dubbed_56dd441e.mp4 (31.6 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_20_English_Dubbed_e1262ad0.mp4 (31.0 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_21_English_Dubbed_5d2c4f5f.mp4 (29.0 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_22_English_Dubbed_5d2c4f5f.mp4 (29.0 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_23_English_Dubbed_61e6a998.mp4 (25.6 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_24_English_Dubbed_61e6a998.mp4 (25.6 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_25_English_Dubbed_ba47548b.mp4 (25.5 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_26_English_Dubbed_ba47548b.mp4 (25.5 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_27_English_Dubbed_7b484ba8.mp4 (23.2 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_28_English_Dubbed_aa2a9a08.mp4 (27.6 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_29_English_Dubbed_aa2a9a08.mp4 (27.6 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_2_English_Dubbed_9023c28d.mp4 (26.5 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_30_English_Dubbed_e0fb8214.mp4 (27.4 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_3_English_Dubbed_9023c28d.mp4 (26.5 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_4_English_Dubbed_48e02acc.mp4 (32.1 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_5_English_Dubbed_cc7394fb.mp4 (25.4 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_6_English_Dubbed_73097761.mp4 (30.5 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_7_English_Dubbed_eb49907d.mp4 (43.0 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_8_English_Dubbed_762c4a63.mp4 (36.6 MB)
  • Wolfs_Rain_Episode_9_English_Dubbed_a72ea487.mp4 (34.2 MB)

Just a couple of wolves looking for paradise.

Just a couple of wolves looking for paradise. Wolf's Rain: The Complete Series. 11 November 2016 ·. Wolf's Rain coming to Blu-Ray February 7, 2017. com. february-2. unimation. Special Releases in February 2017 – Wolf’s Rain and The Mystic Archives of Dantalian - Funimation – Blog!

This is a list of episodes for the anime Wolf's Rain. The series was created by Keiko Nobumoto and BONES and directed by Tensai Okamura

This is a list of episodes for the anime Wolf's Rain. The series was created by Keiko Nobumoto and BONES and directed by Tensai Okamura. Originally broadcast across Japan on Fuji TV and the anime CS television network, Animax, between January 6, 2003 and July 29, 2003, it ran for a full season of 26 episodes, with four more OVA episodes being released on DVD in Japan, in January and February 2004, completing the story.

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But even now this world is being destroyed and complete covered in ice. So Kiba and the others have only a limited time to find paradise.

Wolf's Rain - Blu-ray Trailer. But even now this world is being destroyed and complete covered in ice. And if they can't find it during the next full red moon, it's over for all humans and wolves alike. Spoilers" are to be expected and cannot be held against anyone. You browse at your own risk.

Watch Wolf& Rain Online full episodes for Free. Streaming Wolf& Rain series in HD quality. Plot Summary: In some distant future, it’s common knowledge that all wolves have been extinct for 200 years. However, it seems this is false as wolves have not disappeared but rather have taken human form.

The wolves begin to gather as the Flower Maiden awakens, and the journey for paradise soon begins. But will they get to her first? Elsewhere, young Toboe tries to fit in with humans but can’t help his wolf nature. 2. Toboe, Who Doesn’t Howl.

Wolf s Rain manga - read Wolf s Rain manga chapters for free, but no downloading Wolf s Rain manga chapters required. Wolf's Rain Completed . 6. Author: NOBUMOTO Keiko BONES. Adventure Drama Fantasy Supernatural Seinen Tragedy. From Viz: Humans thought the wolves died off two centuries ago in this bleak post-apocalyptic wasteland. But some survivors lurk among the humans by mentally cloaking their animal bodies more. But some survivors lurk among the humans by mentally cloaking their animal bodies.

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Detected quality: DVDRip
Original run: 07 January 2003 - 29 July 2003
Episodes count: 26
AniDB rating: 6.7 (5,703 votes)
Director: Okamura Tensai
Studio: Bones
Language: English
There is an old legend that speaks of a hidden paradise on Earth — a paradise which only wolves can find. And while thought to have been extinct for hundreds of years, wolves indeed still walk the earth... hidden among mankind. Now, a group of outcast wolves set out to find Paradise: Kiba, Hige, Tooboe and Tsume. Each wolf is driven by their own personality and desire, but together they are pursued by humans seeking to quench their own thirst for power.
Kiba is a wolf, one of the last of his kind, and his dream is to find Paradise in a world torn asunder by war. Cheza, the legendary Flower Girl, can lead him to Paradise, but there are others who desire her, and help from other wolves at his side may not be enough. Driven by his noble spirit, he will not forsake his quest.


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