» » Durarara - 06 mp4 EC 704x400 h264
Language: Japanese
Size: 174.8 MB
Rating: 4.4
Category: Anime
Votes: 886
Durarara - 06 mp4 EC 704x400 h264
  • [EC]Durarara - 06(704x400 h264)[9696BB07].mp4 (174.8 MB)

Name Durarara Episode 06 Subbed EC Codec MP4.

Name Durarara Episode 06 Subbed EC Codec MP4. EnJoy !!!!! Files: Durarara - 06(704x400 h264). Feel free to leave one

Durarara!! - 06 (704x400 H264).

The x264 encoder is better on average than DivX . 64 and MainConcept. Almost all encoders except Microsoft Expression exhibited better results on average than did Theora. Encoders with Normal presets, except the Microsoft Expression encoder, demonstrate good bitrate handling for all sequences. For the Up sequence, XviD showed less than stellar results, especially at high bitrates. For all sequences, MainConcept, x264, Elecard and DivX . 64 showed the best results compared with other encoders. DivX . 64’s bitrate decreases at 1,500 kbps.

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400 is evenly divisible by 16, 396 is not. 64 isn't any more particular about this than XviD is, really.

Technically, all DCT-based codecs want widths and heights that are evenly divisible by 16 (since a DCT block is 16x16 pixels), but for some reason most of them aren't very strict with this requirement. IIRC (very) early versions of x264 refused non-mod16 input altogether, but this has been fixed for a long time now. ffmpegsource 17:43:13 <~deculture Also, TheFluff, you are so fucking slowpoke. jpg that people think we dropped the DVD's. 17:43:16 <~deculture nice job, fag!

Name Durarara
Episode 06
Subbed EC
Codec MP4

EnJoy !!!!!


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