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Disney Classics - Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey, Pluto, Chip'n'Dale
Disney Classics Donald Duck
  • A Good Time For A Dime 1941.mp4 (59.2 MB)
  • All In A Nutshell 1949.mp4 (56.3 MB)
  • Beach Picnic 1939.mp4 (65.3 MB)
  • Bearly Asleep 1955.mp4 (59.7 MB)
  • Bee At The Beach 1950.mp4 (52.9 MB)
  • Bee On Guard 1951.mp4 (59.7 MB)
  • Beezy Bear 1955.mp4 (61.4 MB)
  • Bellboy Donald 1942.mp4 (59.6 MB)
  • Bootle Beetle 1947.mp4 (56.2 MB)
  • Canvas Back Duck 1953.mp4 (59.3 MB)
  • Chef Donald 1941.mp4 (57.5 MB)
  • Chips Ahoy 1956.mp4 (55.6 MB)
  • Clown Of The Jungle 1947.mp4 (50.4 MB)
  • Commando Duck 1944.mp4 (56.5 MB)
  • Contrary Condor 1944.mp4 (67.0 MB)
  • Corn Chips 1951.mp4 (58.4 MB)
  • Crazy Over Daisy 1950.mp4 (52.2 MB)
  • Cured Duck 1945.mp4 (56.8 MB)
  • Daddy Duck 1948.mp4 (53.9 MB)
  • Der Fuehrer's Face 1943.mp4 (63.3 MB)
  • Don's Fountain Of Youth 1953.mp4 (51.6 MB)
  • Donald Applecore 1952.mp4 (57.7 MB)
  • Donald Duck And The Gorilla 1944.mp4 (58.6 MB)
  • Donald Gets Drafted 1942.mp4 (71.8 MB)
  • Donald's Better Self 1938.mp4 (64.1 MB)
  • Donald's Camera 1941.mp4 (59.9 MB)
  • Donald's Cousin Gus 1939.mp4 (57.6 MB)
  • Donald's Crime 1945.mp4 (64.0 MB)
  • Donald's Diary 1954.mp4 (60.7 MB)
  • Donald's Dilemma 1947.mp4 (58.5 MB)
  • Donald's Dog Laundry 1940.mp4 (64.1 MB)
  • Donald's Double Trouble 1946.mp4 (56.5 MB)
  • Donald's Dream Voice 1948.mp4 (52.9 MB)
  • Donald's Garden 1942.mp4 (59.6 MB)
  • Donald's Gold Mine 1942.mp4 (58.9 MB)
  • Donald's Golf Game 1938.mp4 (59.1 MB)
  • Donald's Happy Birthday 1949.mp4 (54.6 MB)
  • Donald's Lucky Day 1939.mp4 (63.7 MB)
  • Donald's Nephews 1938.mp4 (65.5 MB)
  • Donald's Off Day 1944.mp4 (60.8 MB)
  • Donald's Ostrich 1937.mp4 (68.3 MB)
  • Donald's Penguin 1939.mp4 (60.9 MB)
  • Donald's Snow Fight 1942.mp4 (59.1 MB)
  • Donald's Tire Trouble 1943.mp4 (60.0 MB)
  • Donald's Vacation 1940.mp4 (63.4 MB)
  • Dragon Around 1954.mp4 (58.7 MB)
  • Drip Dippy Donald 1948.mp4 (54.3 MB)
  • Duck Pimples 1945.mp4 (65.8 MB)
  • Dude Duck 1951.mp4 (58.5 MB)
  • Dumbell Of The Yukon 1946.mp4 (53.4 MB)
  • Early To Bed 1941.mp4 (60.2 MB)
  • Fall Out - Fall In 1943.mp4 (59.8 MB)
  • Fire Chief 1940.mp4 (64.7 MB)
  • Flying Jalopy 1943.mp4 (59.4 MB)
  • Golden Eggs 1941.mp4 (61.5 MB)
  • Good Scouts 1938.mp4 (59.4 MB)
  • Grand Canyonscope 1954.mp4 (57.7 MB)
  • Grin And Bear It 1954.mp4 (57.5 MB)
  • Hockey Champ 1939.mp4 (58.6 MB)
  • Home Defense 1943.mp4 (63.3 MB)
  • Honey Harvester 1949.mp4 (58.4 MB)
  • Hook, Lion And Sinker 1950.mp4 (59.4 MB)
  • How To Have An Accident At Work 1959.mp4 (57.2 MB)
  • How To Have An Accident In The Home 1956.mp4 (56.6 MB)
  • Inferior Decorators 1948.mp4 (51.9 MB)
  • Let's Stick Together 1952.mp4 (58.6 MB)
  • Lighthouse Keeping 1946.mp4 (55.6 MB)
  • Lion Around 1950.mp4 (56.3 MB)
  • Lucky Number 1951.mp4 (54.6 MB)
  • Mr. Duck Steps Out 1940.mp4 (63.7 MB)
  • No Hunting 1955.mp4 (50.2 MB)
  • Officer Duck 1939.mp4 (58.6 MB)
  • Old Macdonald Duck 1941.mp4 (60.4 MB)
  • Old Sequoia 1945.mp4 (57.1 MB)
  • Out Of Scale 1951.mp4 (59.4 MB)
  • Out On A Limb 1950.mp4 (52.3 MB)
  • Put-put Troubles 1940.mp4 (58.1 MB)
  • Rugged Bear 1953.mp4 (51.8 MB)
  • Sea Salts 1949.mp4 (61.2 MB)
  • Sea Scouts 1939.mp4 (62.5 MB)
  • Self Control 1938.mp4 (67.1 MB)
  • Sky Trooper 1942.mp4 (58.0 MB)
  • Sleepy Time Donald 1947.mp4 (53.6 MB)
  • Slide, Donald, Slide 1949.mp4 (55.7 MB)
  • Soup's On 1948.mp4 (56.9 MB)
  • Spare The Rod 1954.mp4 (56.9 MB)
  • Straight Shooters 1947.mp4 (51.5 MB)
  • Tea For Two Hundred 1948.mp4 (54.2 MB)
  • Test Pilot Donald 1951.mp4 (57.7 MB)
  • The Autograph Hound 1939.mp4 (63.8 MB)
  • The Clock Watcher 1945.mp4 (64.0 MB)
  • The Eyes Have It 1945.mp4 (61.7 MB)
  • The Flying Squirrel 1954.mp4 (53.7 MB)
  • The Greener Yard 1949.mp4 (59.9 MB)
  • The Litterbug 1961.mp4 (62.0 MB)
  • The New Neighbor 1953.mp4 (61.9 MB)
  • The Old Army Game 1943.mp4 (55.9 MB)
  • The Plastics Inventor 1944.mp4 (59.8 MB)
  • The Riveter 1940.mp4 (59.6 MB)
  • The Trial Of Donald Duck 1948.mp4 (55.6 MB)
  • The Vanishing Private 1942.mp4 (61.2 MB)
  • The Village Smithy 1942.mp4 (58.9 MB)
  • Three For Breakfast 1948.mp4 (56.6 MB)
  • Timber 1941.mp4 (62.4 MB)
  • Toy Tinkers 1949.mp4 (61.2 MB)
  • Trailer Horn 1950.mp4 (51.7 MB)
  • Trick Or Treat 1952.mp4 (68.0 MB)
  • Trombone Trouble 1944.mp4 (59.1 MB)
  • Truant Officer Donald 1941.mp4 (60.4 MB)
  • Uncle Donald's Ants 1952.mp4 (58.9 MB)
  • Up A Tree 1955.mp4 (53.7 MB)
  • Wet Paint 1946.mp4 (54.8 MB)
  • Wide Open Spaces 1947.mp4 (54.1 MB)
  • Window Cleaners 1940.mp4 (64.5 MB)
  • Winter Storage 1949.mp4 (55.1 MB)
  • Working For Peanuts 1953.mp4 (56.4 MB)
  • A Knight For A Day.mp4 (68.2 MB)
  • African Diary.mp4 (67.7 MB)
  • Aquamania.mp4 (82.8 MB)
  • Baggage Buster.mp4 (73.0 MB)
  • Cold War.mp4 (66.1 MB)
  • Double Dribble.mp4 (69.3 MB)
  • Fathers Are People.mp4 (69.1 MB)
  • Fathers Day Off.mp4 (67.3 MB)
  • Fathers Lion.mp4 (66.0 MB)
  • Fathers Week-end.mp4 (65.2 MB)
  • Foul Hunting.mp4 (59.0 MB)
  • Get Rich Quick.mp4 (61.1 MB)
  • Goofy and Wilbur.mp4 (78.1 MB)
  • Goofy Gymnastics.mp4 (63.5 MB)
  • Goofys Glider.mp4 (76.6 MB)
  • Hello Aloha.mp4 (63.8 MB)
  • Hockey Homocide.mp4 (73.8 MB)
  • Hold That Pose.mp4 (64.6 MB)
  • Home Made Home.mp4 (63.7 MB)
  • How To Be A Detective.mp4 (67.3 MB)
  • How To Be A Sailor.mp4 (68.5 MB)
  • How To Dance.mp4 (62.1 MB)
  • How To Fish.mp4 (70.2 MB)
  • How To Play Baseball.mp4 (76.9 MB)
  • How To Play Football.mp4 (73.3 MB)
  • How To Play Golf.mp4 (73.7 MB)
  • How To Sleep.mp4 (64.3 MB)
  • How To Swim.mp4 (73.3 MB)
  • Lion Down.mp4 (63.7 MB)
  • Mans Best Friend.mp4 (62.5 MB)
  • Motor Mania.mp4 (64.6 MB)
  • No Smoking.mp4 (62.7 MB)
  • Tennis Racquet.mp4 (67.9 MB)
  • The Art Of Self Defense.mp4 (75.4 MB)
  • The Art Of Skiiing.mp4 (76.8 MB)
  • The Big Wash.mp4 (71.6 MB)
  • The Olympic Champ.mp4 (67.4 MB)
  • They're Off.mp4 (63.0 MB)
  • Tiger Trouble.mp4 (74.0 MB)
  • Tomorrow We Diet.mp4 (65.2 MB)
  • Two Gun Goofy.mp4 (63.4 MB)
  • Two Weeks Vacation.mp4 (61.0 MB)
  • A Gentleman's Gentleman.mp4 (63.8 MB)
  • Alpine Climbers.mp4 (82.8 MB)
  • Barnyard Olympics.mp4 (67.0 MB)
  • Boat Builders.mp4 (64.6 MB)
  • Don Donald2.mp4 (76.9 MB)
  • Fishin' Around.mp4 (64.0 MB)
  • Giantland.mp4 (76.5 MB)
  • Gulliver Mickey.mp4 (84.4 MB)
  • Haunted House.mp4 (65.5 MB)
  • Lonesome Ghost.mp4 (84.2 MB)
  • Mad Doctor.mp4 (50.9 MB)
  • Magician Mickey.mp4 (64.4 MB)
  • Mickey And The Seal.mp4 (61.3 MB)
  • Mickey Cuts Up.mp4 (61.7 MB)
  • Mickey Down Under.mp4 (62.9 MB)
  • Mickey in Arabia.mp4 (65.4 MB)
  • Mickey's Birthday Party.mp4 (70.2 MB)
  • Mickey's Circus.mp4 (68.6 MB)
  • Mickey's Delayed Date.mp4 (63.0 MB)
  • Mickey's Elephant.mp4 (78.3 MB)
  • Mickey's Garden.mp4 (84.9 MB)
  • Mickey's Grand Opera.mp4 (69.3 MB)
  • Mickey's Nightmare.mp4 (65.0 MB)
  • Mickey's Orphans.mp4 (65.1 MB)
  • Mickey's Pal Pluto.mp4 (73.1 MB)
  • Mickey's Polo Team.mp4 (83.8 MB)
  • Mickey's Rival.mp4 (73.5 MB)
  • Mickey's Service Station.mp4 (67.1 MB)
  • Mickey's Trailer.mp4 (70.3 MB)
  • Mickey`s fire brigade.mp4 (73.6 MB)
  • Modern Inventions.mp4 (82.4 MB)
  • Moose Hunters.mp4 (78.8 MB)
  • Moving Day.mp4 (85.7 MB)
  • Mr.Mouse takes a trip.mp4 (70.1 MB)
  • Orphans Benefit.mp4 (82.8 MB)
  • Pioneer Days.mp4 (69.3 MB)
  • Pluto's Judgement Day .mp4 (78.8 MB)
  • Pluto's Party.mp4 (56.1 MB)
  • Plutos Christmas Three.mp4 (55.5 MB)
  • The Brave Little Tailor.mp4 (89.3 MB)
  • The Mad Dog.mp4 (65.3 MB)
  • The Moose Hunt.mp4 (67.1 MB)
  • The Nifty Nineties.mp4 (70.5 MB)
  • The Picnic.mp4 (64.8 MB)
  • The Pointer.mp4 (78.8 MB)
  • The Whalers.mp4 (76.6 MB)
  • The Whoopee Party.mp4 (65.4 MB)
  • The Worm Turns.mp4 (74.6 MB)
  • Through The Mirror.mp4 (79.4 MB)
  • Touchdown Mickey.mp4 (58.6 MB)
  • Trader Mickey.mp4 (68.0 MB)
  • Traffic Troubles.mp4 (70.3 MB)
  • Tugboat Mickey.mp4 (67.1 MB)
  • Two Gun Mickey.mp4 (84.6 MB)
  • Wild Waves.mp4 (60.9 MB)
  • Ye Olden Days.mp4 (79.2 MB)
  • A Gentleman's Gentleman (1941).mp4 (70.3 MB)
  • Bath Day (1946).mp4 (64.1 MB)
  • Beach Picnic (1939).mp4 (80.6 MB)
  • Bone Bandit (1948).mp4 (65.0 MB)
  • Bone Trouble (1940).mp4 (81.6 MB)
  • Bubble Bee (1949).mp4 (68.1 MB)
  • Camp Dog (1950).mp4 (67.5 MB)
  • Canine Caddy (1941).mp4 (70.2 MB)
  • Canine Casanova (1945).mp4 (69.7 MB)
  • Canine Patrol (1945).mp4 (71.0 MB)
  • Cat Nap Pluto (1948).mp4 (61.9 MB)
  • Cold Storage (1951).mp4 (65.2 MB)
  • Cold Turkey (1951).mp4 (65.4 MB)
  • Dog Watch (1945).mp4 (68.3 MB)
  • Figaro & Cleo (1943).mp4 (79.3 MB)
  • Figaro & Frankie (1947).mp4 (65.7 MB)
  • First Aiders (1944).mp4 (70.7 MB)
  • Food For Feudin' (1950).mp4 (66.6 MB)
  • In Dutch (1946).mp4 (65.1 MB)
  • Lend a Paw (1941).mp4 (76.5 MB)
  • Mail Dog (1947).mp4 (65.6 MB)
  • On Ice (1935).mp4 (77.6 MB)
  • Pantry Pirate (1940).mp4 (76.6 MB)
  • Pests of the West (1950).mp4 (63.8 MB)
  • Pluto and the Armadillo (1943).mp4 (68.5 MB)
  • Pluto and the Gopher (1950).mp4 (60.8 MB)
  • Pluto at the Zoo (1942).mp4 (73.4 MB)
  • Pluto's Blue Note (1947).mp4 (66.2 MB)
  • Pluto's Fledgling (1948).mp4 (65.1 MB)
  • Pluto's Heart Throb (1950).mp4 (67.3 MB)
  • Pluto's Housewarming (1947).mp4 (66.6 MB)
  • Pluto's Kid Brother (1946).mp4 (64.7 MB)
  • Pluto's Playmate (1941).mp4 (75.5 MB)
  • Pluto's Purchase (1948).mp4 (64.5 MB)
  • Pluto's Quin-puplets (1937).mp4 (85.3 MB)
  • Pluto's Surprise Package (1949).mp4 (66.0 MB)
  • Pluto's Sweater (1949).mp4 (65.3 MB)
  • Pluto, Junior (1942).mp4 (66.7 MB)
  • Plutopia (1951).mp4 (66.9 MB)
  • Primitive Pluto (1950).mp4 (65.8 MB)
  • Private Pluto (1943).mp4 (63.7 MB)
  • Pueblo Pluto (1949).mp4 (64.6 MB)
  • Puss Cafe (1950).mp4 (68.5 MB)
  • Rescue Dog (1947).mp4 (64.3 MB)
  • Sheep Dog (1949).mp4 (67.0 MB)
  • Springtime for Pluto (1944).mp4 (67.2 MB)
  • Squatter's Rights (1946).mp4 (66.0 MB)
  • T-Bone for Two (1942).mp4 (66.7 MB)
  • The Army Mascot (1942).mp4 (68.5 MB)
  • The Legend of Coyote Rock (1945).mp4 (68.4 MB)
  • The Purloined Pup (1946).mp4 (64.8 MB)
  • The Sleepwalker (1942).mp4 (67.7 MB)
  • Wonder Dog (1950).mp4 (65.2 MB)

Donald and Pluto is a 1936 cartoon in which Donald Duck and Pluto co-star together. Although released officially under the Mickey Mouse heading, it is considered the pilot cartoon for the Donald Duck series.

Donald and Pluto is a 1936 cartoon in which Donald Duck and Pluto co-star together. Donald Duck (voiced by Clarence Nash). Pluto (voiced by Pinto Colvig). Donald is a plumber fixing pipes in the basement of a house, while Pluto happens to also be there trying to enjoy a juicy bone lunch

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. Darkwing Duck Pluto in Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers. Pluto plays a supporting role in the film.

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. Today, Pluto remains one of Disney's most recognizable and popular characters, appearing in various forms of media, and every incarnation of the Mickey Mouse franchise. Along with Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, and Daisy, Pluto is one of the six leading characters of the Walt Disney Company. Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas. Pluto in Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers. Here, Pluto lives alongside janitors, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. The three dream of being musketeers after being saved by three as children.

The Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Cartoon Collections was a series of Disney videos compiling cartoon shorts produced between 1936 and 1954. It was a Disney attempt at releasing its stable of cartoon shorts to video under their own label, after their. It was a Disney attempt at releasing its stable of cartoon shorts to video under their own label, after their DiscoVision experiment. The discs were released in 1981 and 1982, two years before Disney unveiled The Disney Channel and two years also before they released Walt Disney Cartoon Classics.

This would include the Mickey, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy shorts . The Donald Duck comics seem to have their own universe, with Duckburg.

This would include the Mickey, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy shorts, along with their respective supporting casts (Minnie, Daisy, Pete, etc). Different combinations of these characters appear together in the classic shorts, so it’s reasonable to assume they all take place in the same universe. The Donald Duck comics seem to have their own universe, with Duckburg, Calisota and other places being described in detail. The same goes for the Mickey Mouse comics. Both series are different enough that they probably don’t take place in the same world.

Donald Duck might be quick-tempered when things don’t go his way, but he has . Goofy is good-natured. Fun-loving, curious, and playful, Pluto has the heart of a puppy.

Donald Duck might be quick-tempered when things don’t go his way, but he has a heart of gold and is very devoted to his friends. Though he can be a bit clumsy and trips himself up from time to time, he never loses his willingness to try his best at anything. He is a very loyal companion to Mickey.

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I'm not sue if this is the right image to go with these files. They are just a collection of great old time Disney cartoons. Enjoy!
A Good Time For A Dime 1941.mp4
All In A Nutshell 1949.mp4
Beach Picnic 1939.mp4
Bearly Asleep 1955.mp4
Bee At The Beach 1950.mp4
Bee On Guard 1951.mp4
Beezy Bear 1955.mp4
Bellboy Donald 1942.mp4
Bootle Beetle 1947.mp4
Canvas Back Duck 1953.mp4
Chef Donald 1941.mp4
Chips Ahoy 1956.mp4
Clown Of The Jungle 1947.mp4
Commando Duck 1944.mp4
Contrary Condor 1944.mp4
Corn Chips 1951.mp4
Crazy Over Daisy 1950.mp4
Cured Duck 1945.mp4
Daddy Duck 1948.mp4
Der Fuehrer's Face 1943.mp4
Don's Fountain Of Youth 1953.mp4
Donald Applecore 1952.mp4
Donald Duck And The Gorilla 1944.mp4
Donald Gets Drafted 1942.mp4
Donald's Better Self 1938.mp4
Donald's Camera 1941.mp4
Donald's Cousin Gus 1939.mp4
Donald's Crime 1945.mp4
Donald's Diary 1954.mp4
Donald's Dilemma 1947.mp4
Donald's Dog Laundry 1940.mp4
Donald's Double Trouble 1946.mp4
Donald's Dream Voice 1948.mp4
Donald's Garden 1942.mp4
Donald's Gold Mine 1942.mp4
Donald's Golf Game 1938.mp4
Donald's Happy Birthday 1949.mp4
Donald's Lucky Day 1939.mp4
Donald's Nephews 1938.mp4
Donald's Off Day 1944.mp4
Donald's Ostrich 1937.mp4
Donald's Penguin 1939.mp4
Donald's Snow Fight 1942.mp4
Donald's Tire Trouble 1943.mp4
Donald's Vacation 1940.mp4
Dragon Around 1954.mp4
Drip Dippy Donald 1948.mp4
Duck Pimples 1945.mp4
Dude Duck 1951.mp4
Dumbell Of The Yukon 1946.mp4
Early To Bed 1941.mp4
Fall Out - Fall In 1943.mp4
Fire Chief 1940.mp4
Flying Jalopy 1943.mp4
Golden Eggs 1941.mp4
Good Scouts 1938.mp4
Grand Canyonscope 1954.mp4
Grin And Bear It 1954.mp4
Hockey Champ 1939.mp4
Home Defense 1943.mp4
Honey Harvester 1949.mp4
Hook, Lion And Sinker 1950.mp4
How To Have An Accident At Work 1959.mp4
How To Have An Accident In The Home 1956.mp4
Inferior Decorators 1948.mp4
Let's Stick Together 1952.mp4
Lighthouse Keeping 1946.mp4
Lion Around 1950.mp4
Lucky Number 1951.mp4
Mr. Duck Steps Out 1940.mp4
No Hunting 1955.mp4
Officer Duck 1939.mp4
Old Macdonald Duck 1941.mp4
Old Sequoia 1945.mp4
Out Of Scale 1951.mp4
Out On A Limb 1950.mp4
Put-put Troubles 1940.mp4
Rugged Bear 1953.mp4
Sea Salts 1949.mp4
Sea Scouts 1939.mp4
Self Control 1938.mp4
Sky Trooper 1942.mp4
Sleepy Time Donald 1947.mp4
Slide, Donald, Slide 1949.mp4
Soup's On 1948.mp4
Spare The Rod 1954.mp4
Straight Shooters 1947.mp4
Tea For Two Hundred 1948.mp4
Test Pilot Donald 1951.mp4
The Autograph Hound 1939.mp4
The Clock Watcher 1945.mp4
The Eyes Have It 1945.mp4
The Flying Squirrel 1954.mp4
The Greener Yard 1949.mp4
The Litterbug 1961.mp4
The New Neighbor 1953.mp4
The Old Army Game 1943.mp4
The Plastics Inventor 1944.mp4
The Riveter 1940.mp4
The Trial Of Donald Duck 1948.mp4
The Vanishing Private 1942.mp4
The Village Smithy 1942.mp4
Three For Breakfast 1948.mp4
Timber 1941.mp4
Toy Tinkers 1949.mp4
Trailer Horn 1950.mp4
Trick Or Treat 1952.mp4
Trombone Trouble 1944.mp4
Truant Officer Donald 1941.mp4
Uncle Donald's Ants 1952.mp4
Up A Tree 1955.mp4
Wet Paint 1946.mp4
Wide Open Spaces 1947.mp4
Window Cleaners 1940.mp4
Winter Storage 1949.mp4
Working For Peanuts 1953.mp4
A Knight For A Day.mp4
African Diary.mp4
Baggage Buster.mp4
Cold War.mp4
Double Dribble.mp4
Fathers Are People.mp4
Fathers Day Off.mp4
Fathers Lion.mp4
Fathers Week-end.mp4
Foul Hunting.mp4
Get Rich Quick.mp4
Goofy and Wilbur.mp4
Goofy Gymnastics.mp4
Goofys Glider.mp4
Hello Aloha.mp4
Hockey Homocide.mp4
Hold That Pose.mp4
Home Made Home.mp4
How To Be A Detective.mp4
How To Be A Sailor.mp4
How To Dance.mp4
How To Fish.mp4
How To Play Baseball.mp4
How To Play Football.mp4
How To Play Golf.mp4
How To Sleep.mp4
How To Swim.mp4
Lion Down.mp4
Mans Best Friend.mp4
Motor Mania.mp4
No Smoking.mp4
Tennis Racquet.mp4
The Art Of Self Defense.mp4
The Art Of Skiiing.mp4
The Big Wash.mp4
The Olympic Champ.mp4
They're Off.mp4
Tiger Trouble.mp4
Tomorrow We Diet.mp4
Two Gun Goofy.mp4
Two Weeks Vacation.mp4
A Gentleman's Gentleman.mp4
Alpine Climbers.mp4
Barnyard Olympics.mp4
Boat Builders.mp4
Don Donald2.mp4
Fishin' Around.mp4
Gulliver Mickey.mp4
Haunted House.mp4
Lonesome Ghost.mp4
Mad Doctor.mp4
Magician Mickey.mp4
Mickey And The Seal.mp4
Mickey Cuts Up.mp4
Mickey Down Under.mp4
Mickey in Arabia.mp4
Mickey's Birthday Party.mp4
Mickey's Circus.mp4
Mickey's Delayed Date.mp4
Mickey's Elephant.mp4
Mickey's Garden.mp4
Mickey's Grand Opera.mp4
Mickey's Nightmare.mp4
Mickey's Orphans.mp4
Mickey's Pal Pluto.mp4
Mickey's Polo Team.mp4
Mickey's Rival.mp4
Mickey's Service Station.mp4
Mickey's Trailer.mp4
Mickey`s fire brigade.mp4
Modern Inventions.mp4
Moose Hunters.mp4
Moving Day.mp4
Mr.Mouse takes a trip.mp4
Orphans Benefit.mp4
Pioneer Days.mp4
Pluto's Judgement Day .mp4
Pluto's Party.mp4
Plutos Christmas Three.mp4
The Brave Little Tailor.mp4
The Mad Dog.mp4
The Moose Hunt.mp4
The Nifty Nineties.mp4
The Picnic.mp4
The Pointer.mp4
The Whalers.mp4
The Whoopee Party.mp4
The Worm Turns.mp4
Through The Mirror.mp4
Touchdown Mickey.mp4
Trader Mickey.mp4
Traffic Troubles.mp4
Tugboat Mickey.mp4
Two Gun Mickey.mp4
Wild Waves.mp4
Ye Olden Days.mp4
A Gentleman's Gentleman .mp4
Bath Day .mp4
Beach Picnic .mp4
Bone Bandit .mp4
Bone Trouble .mp4
Bubble Bee .mp4
Camp Dog .mp4
Canine Caddy .mp4
Canine Casanova .mp4
Canine Patrol .mp4
Cat Nap Pluto .mp4
Cold Storage .mp4
Cold Turkey .mp4
Dog Watch .mp4
Figaro & Cleo .mp4
Figaro & Frankie .mp4
First Aiders .mp4
Food For Feudin' .mp4
In Dutch .mp4
Lend a Paw .mp4
Mail Dog .mp4
On Ice .mp4
Pantry Pirate .mp4
Pests of the West .mp4
Pluto and the Armadillo .mp4
Pluto and the Gopher .mp4
Pluto at the Zoo .mp4
Pluto, Junior .mp4
Pluto's Blue Note .mp4
Pluto's Fledgling .mp4
Pluto's Heart Throb .mp4
Pluto's Housewarming .mp4
Pluto's Kid Brother .mp4
Pluto's Playmate .mp4
Pluto's Purchase .mp4
Pluto's Quin-puplets .mp4
Pluto's Surprise Package .mp4
Pluto's Sweater .mp4
Plutopia .mp4
Primitive Pluto .mp4
Private Pluto .mp4
Pueblo Pluto .mp4
Puss Cafe .mp4
Rescue Dog .mp4
Sheep Dog .mp4
Springtime for Pluto .mp4
Squatter's Rights .mp4
T-Bone for Two .mp4
The Army Mascot .mp4
The Legend of Coyote Rock .mp4
The Purloined Pup .mp4
The Sleepwalker .mp4
Wonder Dog .mp4


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Could I get a reseed please? Been stuck at 22% for days now.rnThanks
I'm seeding it almost 24 hrs per day :)
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