» » The Simpsons Season 6 Complete S06 Remastered HQ 720p x265 HappyLee
Language: English
Size: 2.5 GB
Rating: 4.8
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The Simpsons Season 6 Complete S06 Remastered HQ 720p x265 HappyLee
The Simpsons Season 6 (Complete S06 Remastered HQ 720p x265 HappyLee)
  • Encoded by HappyLee.txt (1.0 KB)
  • Season 6 Special Features - Commercials.mkv (6.6 MB)
  • Season 6 Special Features - Deleted Scenes.mkv (67.0 MB)
  • S06E05 Sideshow Bob Roberts.mkv (91.7 MB)
  • S06E22 'Round Springfield.mkv (93.1 MB)
  • S06E14 Bart's Comet.mkv (93.4 MB)
  • S06E03 Another Simpsons Clip Show.mkv (93.6 MB)
  • S06E11 Fear of Flying.mkv (94.1 MB)
  • S06E23 The Springfield Connection.mkv (95.1 MB)
  • S06E13 And Maggie Makes Three.mkv (95.1 MB)
  • S06E17 Homer vs. Patty and Selma.mkv (95.6 MB)
  • S06E18 A Star Is Burns.mkv (96.1 MB)
  • S06E25 Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part One).mkv (97.8 MB)
  • S06E21 The PTA Disbands.mkv (99.0 MB)
  • S06E16 Bart vs. Australia.mkv (99.5 MB)
  • S06E19 Lisa's Wedding.mkv (100.2 MB)
  • S06E08 Lisa on Ice.mkv (101.2 MB)
  • S06E12 Homer the Great.mkv (101.6 MB)
  • S06E01 Bart of Darkness.mkv (101.9 MB)
  • S06E09 Homer Badman.mkv (102.2 MB)
  • S06E20 Two Dozen and One Greyhounds.mkv (103.9 MB)
  • S06E10 Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy.mkv (105.0 MB)
  • S06E07 Bart's Girlfriend.mkv (105.5 MB)
  • S06E15 Homie the Clown.mkv (105.9 MB)
  • S06E24 Lemon of Troy.mkv (106.0 MB)
  • S06E02 Lisa's Rival.mkv (107.5 MB)
  • S06E06 Treehouse of Horror V.mkv (108.3 MB)
  • S06E04 Itchy & Scratchy Land.mkv (111.6 MB)

Hi, are there any good Simpsons releases for season 1 - 11 in the original aspect ratio 4:3? Maybe any 720p upscaled . Name: "The Simpsons Season 5 (Complete S05 Remastered HQ 720p x265 HappyLee)".

Hi, are there any good Simpsons releases for season 1 - 11 in the original aspect ratio 4:3? Maybe any 720p upscaled or anything like that? The CtrlHD releases are 16:9 which I don't like. I think the classic Simpsons seasons really deserve a good quality release.

info 6-(pyLee) TV shows. S06E03 Another Simpsons Clip Show. mkv94 MB. S06E11 Fear of Flying. to The Simpsons Season 6 (Complete S06 Remastered HQ 720p x265 HappyLee) TV. 3 months. co The Simpsons Season 6 (Complete S06 Remastered HQ 720p x265 HappyLee) Television. S06E23 The Springfield Connection. mkv95 MB. S06E13 And Maggie Makes Three. S06E17 Homer vs. Patty and Selma. mkv96 MB. S06E18 A Star Is Burns.

txt (. KB). Season 6 Special Features - Commercials. mkv (. MB). Season 6 Special Features - Deleted Scenes. mkv (6. S06E05 Sideshow Bob Roberts. mkv (9. S06E22 'Round Springfield.

The Simpsons' sixth season originally aired on the Fox network between September 4, 1994, and May 21, 1995, and consists of 25 episodes. The Simpsons is an animated series about a working class family, which consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. The show is set in the fictional city of Springfield, and lampoons American culture, society, television and many aspects of the human condition. Season 6 was the highest rated season of the series.

The Simpsons is such a high profile show, why don't they create HD scans of the original film material? .

The Simpsons is such a high profile show, why don't they create HD scans of the original film material? Does it no longer exist? SmarmySmurf.

Arabic The Simpsons Season 6 Remastered HQ 720p x265 HappyLee. عديل التوقيت فقط الشكر للمترجم.

312 B. S01E03 Homer's Odyssey. My Christmas gift for all The Simpsons fans.

Next Power Season 1-5 Complete BluRay 720p. October 26, 2018 at 5:06 am. Hey bivo could you please re-upload the files, thanks.

Another New Year's gift for all The Simpsons fans.
This should be the best version of The Simpsons Season 5. Remastered from the DVD source, high quality, small file size. Enjoy!
* S06E06 Treehouse of Horror V is from Bluray source, better video quality than the DVD.

Technical info
Format: MKV
File size: 2.51 GB (25 episodes & special features including all deleted scenes and commercials, 100 MB per episode)
Frame rate: 23.976
Resolution: 960×720 (4:3)
Video codec: H.265 HEVC
Audio codec: AAC (stereo)
Season 1: https://.to/torrent/3496145/The-Simpsons-Season-1-Complete-S01-Remastered-HQ-720p-x265-HappyLee/
Season 2: https://.to/torrent/3496162/The-Simpsons-Season-2-Complete-S02-Remastered-HQ-720p-x265-HappyLee/
Season 3: https://.to/torrent/3496178/The-Simpsons-Season-3-Complete-S03-Remastered-HQ-720p-x265-HappyLee/
Season 4: https://.to/torrent/3499401/The-Simpsons-Season-4-Complete-S04-Remastered-HQ-720p-x265-HappyLee/
Season 5: https://.to/torrent/3507444/The-Simpsons-Season-5-Complete-S05-Remastered-HQ-720p-x265-HappyLee/
Season 6: https://.to/torrent/3517875/The-Simpsons-Season-6-Complete-S06-Remastered-HQ-720p-x265-HappyLee/
Season 7: https://.to/torrent/3534849/The-Simpsons-Season-7-Complete-S07-Remastered-HQ-720p-x265-HappyLee/
Season 8: https://.to/torrent/3548733/The-Simpsons-Season-8-Complete-S08-Remastered-HQ-720p-x265-HappyLee/
Season 9: https://.to/torrent/3574353/The-Simpsons-Season-9-Complete-S09-Remastered-HQ-720p-x265-HappyLee/
Season 10: https://.to/torrent/3588859/The-Simpsons-Season-10-Complete-S10-Remastered-HQ-720p-x265-HappyLee/
Season 11: https://.to/torrent/3604275/The-Simpsons-Season-11-Complete-S11-Remastered-HQ-720p-x265-HappyLee/
Season 12: https://.to/torrent/3614153/The-Simpsons-Season-12-Complete-S12-Remastered-HQ-720p-x265-HappyLee/
Season 18: https://.to/torrent/3804057/The-Simpsons-Season-18-Complete-S18-Remastered-HQ-720p-x265-HappyLee/
If you like this, please do your best to help me seed or share with your friends, so I'll have the motivation to do Season 7 and more. Comments are welcomed.
For English subtitles, I'd recommend: https://subscene.com/subtitles/the-simpsons-sixth-season/english/396946
Or please comment if you can find better subtitles.


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Comments 20
You should meshup the cropped web-dl/HDTV 1080p and the dvd source up and down bar to creating a 1080p 4:3 version with much higher bitrate, with dvd chapters, HQ audio and audio commentaries. I don't care the size, I just want the best version of the show. Your work is amazing though.rn- A big fan since the 90s.
I've thought about it before and it's probably not going to be better, because that web-dl 16:9 version has other issues than cropped. It's also over-sharpened and over-contrast. Also, lots of frames won't exactly match due to different source and different decimation, and I really don't have the time and energy to manually sync those two different sources frame by frame every episode.rnrnThank you for your comment and suggestions. :)
Oh, I see. But after you finished these seasons I hope you will do a less-storage-friendly version ~300-500 mega/ep with subtitle(s), chapters, HQ 5.1 audio and audio commentary inside of it. Don't get me wrong but for me it is just not enough. :) The mkv container can handle all of these.
Yes, it can be done in theory, but it also requires lots of time doing so. Personally I'm a fan with high quality & small file size encodes. I think people who prefers HQ 5.1 audio and audio commentary should buy the official DVD. Or maybe when many years later when The Simpsons ends, they may release a Blu-ray all Seasons Mega-pack with perfect quality, who knows?
Fast Lovebird
If you have the official DVD and really prefer to have HQ 5.1 audio and audio commentary, you can extract every audio tracks (various tools can do that) by yourself and rename it as the same as this version, and put them in the same folder, many video players can automatically load them. It's almost the same as repacking them as MKV.
Tori Texer
Yes but the video bitrate will remains low.
Probably just my taste, since I really enjoy both high quality & small file size. There won't be a "perfect version" that satisfies everyone, so I'm just hoping that my version can be enjoyed by most while saving them lots of file space as well. :)
Thanks. Keep on the good work.
Your work with these seasons of "The Simpsons" is absolutely incredible. You have literally saved my life, because months ago I downloaded seasons 1-12 with a 1080p quality (they are iTunes/Amazon rip, I think). However,, as I need subtitles in Portuguese to watch the episodes, I wasn't finding 'srt. files' in a perfect synchrony with the video files. Really bad. But all of your files available in here do that work in the best way. Thank you very much for this. I'm desperately waiting for more seasons. Actually, I need until the 12th one. Do you think that it will be possible for you to provide seasons 7-12? Anyway, congratulations for this work again and thanks for your time.
Thanks for your comments. Yes, I'm currently working on Season 7, and planning to go all the way to Season 12. It's a huge project and requires LOTS of encoding time. My CPU is working over-time. Hopefully it would be the best version for you. :)
Oh, that's great! I'm desperately waiting for this. How many days do you take working on each Season?
About 4 or 5 days, if my CPU works non-stop. Season 7 might take longer, since I re-encoded the first few episodes several times... Please be patient. I'm working on it. :)
I ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ
Thank you so much for your work on encoding the seasons. I'm currently on season 5 of my simpsons binge and I'm looking forward to season 7. I will do my best to seed as long as possible along with seasons 1-6. Thanks again for the uploads OP! Cheers!
Thanks again for your help! I think Season 7 will come by this time tomorrow. I'm encoding the last three episodes and special features. It would look even better than Season 6. :)
Hey are you using aWarpSharp2 to clear up some haloing and thining the lines then running it through SuperToon? If so what are your exact avisynth script because I cannot for the life of me get the edges as close as u are, I almost got it after few hours and then it crashed. rip
No, I didn't use aWarpSharp2 at all, because I don't need line thining. My solution is, temporal denoising and spatial cleaning, line darkening and Xsharpen, halo removal.
Any chance you can tell me what your using specifically? I legit cannot get it to similar effect
Phallozs Dwarfs
Thank you so much for your hard work. You are making so many people extremely happy, way more than you know. The dl speed is so fast too! Great work, the best quality ever, thanks again.
The ideal compromise between quality and file size. This is the way it should be done. Thank you for your hard work.
Thank you, and all the people who've helped seed.
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