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Shoukoku no Altair - 01 mkv HorribleSubs 720p
  • [HorribleSubs] Shoukoku no Altair - 01 [720p].mkv (340.5 MB)

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Tughril Mahmut is a young pasha serving on the Divan of the Türkiye Stratocracy. The clouds of war are gathering over his country due to the threat of an aggressive Empire. With the Divan split between warmongers and the pacifists, Mahmut begins his quest to keep the peace at any cost. As he finds himself deeper and deeper in the politics of the ancient world, new enemies and allies surface.

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Arabic Shoukoku no Altair - 0. English Shoukoku no Altair 1-24 complete.

Arabic Shoukoku no Altair - 01. Anonymous.

Shoukoku no Altair san . By freezback in forum Currently Scanlated Manga. Replies: 0. Last Post: October 19th, 2018, 11:04 AM. Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san. By pjkperker in forum Completed Series. Last Post: October 1st, 2018, 04:46 AM. Flower – Taiyou no Elegy. By zhonyk in forum Anime OSTs.

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Shoukoku no Altair Ongoing . 7. Author: KATOU Kotono. Who will prevail? What will Mahmut do if war proves to be inevitable? The Stratocracy of Altair is a history-flavored drama with clean art and an interesting storyline. Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Shounen Historical. Shounen lovers are likely to enjoy this, but fans of other genres are also encouraged to check it out. There’s something for everyone - be it action, politics, bishounen or angst. kv (351 MB). kv (388 MB). Shoukoku no Altair +1. kv (336 MB). kv (453 MB). kv (392 MB). kv (434 MB).

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