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Beyblade S01E01 - The Blade Raider
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S1 E1 21m. The Blade Raider.

The Blade Raider" Transcription: "Explosive Battle! Go Shoot!" . In the English dub of the anime, all three seasons used Let's Beyblade by Sick Kid as their opening and ending themes.

The Blade Raider" Transcription: "Explosive Battle! Go Shoot!" (Japanese: 爆転バトル、ゴー·シュート!) . The original Japanese version used the following songs: Opening themes. Fighting Spirits - Song for Beyblade (System-B) (opening for episodes 1-51). Off the Chains (Toss & Turn) (opening for episodes 52-73). Jet (ジェット) (Fairy Fore) (episodes 74-102). Go Ahead ~Bokura no Jidai e~ (Motoko Kumai) (episodes 103-135). Identified (Springs) (episodes 136-154).

25 October 2017 ·. Beyblade - Season 1 - Episode 1 - The Blade Raider. 358 followers · Games/toys. 758 followers · TV programme. How To Make a PVC Sling-Bow. Guff UK. 1,456,314 Views · 30 September. How To Make A Mini Air Compressor. Mumbai's Unknown Places.

Episode 034 - Art Attack. Episode 033 - Last Tangle in Paris. Episode 002 - Day of the Dragoon. Episode 001 - The Blade Raider. From 2017 KimCartoon.

The Blade Raider - Beyblade fansite. Let It Rip Beyblade Characters Beyblade Burst 90s Kids Power Rangers Me Me Me Anime Raiders Anime Boys 90s Childhood. The Blade Raider - Beyblade fansite.

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Takao Kinomiya (Tyson Granger in the English dub and the versions based on it) realises he is running late for a Beyblade battle with Andrew, the best Beyblader in town. Before Takao gets there, a member of the "Shell Killers" ("Blade Sharks" in the English dub) named Hiruta (Carlos in the English dub) fights and defeats him, taking his blade. Takao arrives and snaps, challenging him to a battle at 3:00 by the river next day. A boy named Kyojyu (real name Manabu Saien; named Kenny "The Chief" in the English dub and the versions based on it) becomes friends with Takao, and they realize that they need a faster Beyblade to defeat Hiruta' heavier one. Takao attempts and almost gives up until he has a vision of the Great Dragoon Spirit, a power that has been in the family from generations. With new inspiration, Takao defeats Hiruta with a newly developed technique. Before Hiruta can escape with his stolen Beyblades, his leader Kai appears and strikes him down for his failure. Disgusted by Kai's callous attitude, Takao challenges him to a battle.v

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