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Dash Kappei 09 + 10 shindoi DVD KR SP EN
[shindoi] Dash Kappei 09 + 10
  • [shindoi] Dash Kappei 10 (Japanese TV airing).mkv (172.2 MB)
  • [shindoi] Dash Kappei 09 (Japanese TV airing).mkv (179.2 MB)
  • [shindoi][DVD] Dash Kappei 10.mkv (350.6 MB)
  • [shindoi][DVD] Dash Kappei 09.mkv (353.4 MB)

Dash Kappei 09 (Japanese TV airing). Dash Kappei 10 (Japanese TV airing).

Dash Kappei 09 (Japanese TV airing). Dash Kappei 0. kv (35. MiB). Dash Kappei 1.

Dash Kappei - Episode 9 (of 65): Naismith Academy. Dash Kappei 09 (Japanese TV airing). Dash Kappei 09 + 10. Tracker(s).

Dash Kappei 08 (Japanese TV airing). kv (353 MB). Tracker details. mkv (179 MB).

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info Dash Kappei 09 + 10 Anime - Sub. 2 months. You cannot download any of those files from here. si Dash Kappei 09 + 10 Anime - English-translated. com Dash Kappei 09 + 10 anime. org dash kappei 09 + 10 Other. 1 day. torrentdownloads. me Dash Kappei 09 + 10 Anime.

Osorubeki Neismith Gakuen. Optional, please keep it short. max 10MB photo or 2MB GIF.

ass (DOWNLOAD SUBTITLES). Scary Naismith Academy. You know, I'm the only one who didn't get the number I wanted somehow. Kappei-chan, everyone wants that number. Dash! Kappei is presented by Midori. Amazing! They say it's the most modern one in the city.

Thanks for downloading, Enjoy your Anime (o˘◡˘o)

RECRUITING JAPANESE TO ENGLISH TRANSLATORS & an editor & distro for episodes 45-65 forty five to sixty five: The requirement is that you can translate at least 60% of the dialogue. The rest will be handled by someone else ~ the work flow is spanish subs/dub translated to english to keep the timing, then japanese to english. CONTACT IS LOCOPORCHICHO * HOTMAIL.COM
Surprisingly, the blu ray is being released for this anime for its 35th anniversary! If anyone wants to buy then (2 sets for the 65 eps) go to cdjapan.co.jp. I’ve bought from there before several and I have no complaints. I’m so surprised that they are releasing a blue-ray because they never even released DVDs for this in Japan.
chicho terremoto / gigi la trottola / 천방지축 덩크슛 자막 애니 5화 영어 /한구어자막/ 스페인어자막 토렌트
ιαπωνικά / Решительный Каппэй


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